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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create sustainable food safety in communities by promoting growing and enabling an economy of self-sufficiency.

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Grocery Shoppers

Lack of local supply & supply chain inefficiencies are costing consumer more for low quality produce.

  • Food in U.S. transported 1300 miles on average
  • Supermarket foods spend 7-14 days on transit
  • Consumes 10 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1
  • Rising energy price making food more expensive
  • 50% of transported food is on spoilage
  • 30-40% of produced food is wasted
  • No reliable local food source beside seasonal farmers market and sparse CSA
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Backyard Growers

Despite backyard growing being more popular than ever gardeners have not been able to turn it into a reliable income source and sell and share their produce due to a lack of marketplace

  • Over 37m urban gardeners
  • A rapidly growing hobby
  • Urban gardens produce on average $600 of yields
  • Majority wants to expand their garden
  • Over 2/3rd of the gardeners shared extra produce
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Independent Farmers

Rapid consolidation and search for scale at the cost of environment have left small independent farms unable to sustain and grow their business

  • Farms are consolidating rapidly
  • Small farms have little control over their business
  • Sustainable farms are unable to grow their business
  • Unable to market their products
  • Lack of tools to grow and maintain customers
  • Lack of predictable sales
  • Lack of relevant business training
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