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    GrowCake is on a mission to create the 'World's Largest Food Cooperative' by focusing on Private Memberships on our Mobile-first HyperLocal App for Growers & Grubbers


    1) Invest time, resources, and direct education into urban communities struggling with food insecurity & food deserts,
    (2) Proliferate Neighborhood Gardening Culture via ecommmerce and mcommerce software platforms (Online Marketplace & Mobile Marketplace)
    3) Enable a HyperLocal economy built on mobile technology by promoting self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and ownership.


    We will operate in every neighborhood across the United States by micro-scaling our network effects across gardeners, local farmers, fresh grocers, and climate-conscious consumers.

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GrowCake’s manifesto for creating a Self-Sustaining, HyperLocal Food Production Ecosystem

GrowCake’s mission is to create sustainable food safety in urban communities by promoting gardening and a culture of self-sufficiency.


HyperLocal Ecosystem

When 'Think Global, Act Local' becomes a bumper sticker tagline as opposed to an actionable plan of execution on a societal mission, a startup like GrowCake is born.

Aiming to bring together our communities by growing and breaking bread together as brothers and sisters of the neighborhood.